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We have 20+ activities included in your admission.

The Aviary

Our aviary is an adventure all by itself! You can interact with our birds and you have an opportunity to feed them as well.

**Feeding tickets are $3 per person per feeding**

Camel Feeding

Everyone loves the camels and boy do they love yall! Karl and Johnny-Boy are always ready to see our Farm guests and get some fresh lettuce.

**Feeding tickets are $3 per feeding**

Goat Yard

Our guests can get up close and personal with the goats, pigs, and dogs.

Hay Palace

Come wing and slide in the hidden gem, our Hay Palace.


Fishing is a fun activity for the whole family & included with your admission. We do provide cane poles and bait, but you can also bring your own fishing gear. We ask that you use barbless hooks. which we do provide.

Slide Mountain

Come slide down one of the many slides we have on Slide Mountain! The kids always love it when they race the adults! So don't be shy to join in on the fun!!

Trek Bikes

READY SET GOOOOO!!! The Trek Bikes out at the farm are a HIT with kids and adults. YES ADULTS!! We have a bike fore everyone so let the races begin!!


Take a leap and land on our BIG Ker-Splat! This activity is included in your admission and we do have it monitored so insure that everyone is leaping and landing safely. (This activity is closed during field trips)

Tire Mountain

A HUGE stack of tires filled with sand that can be climbed on or dug in.

Gem Stone Mining

Gem Stone Mining is sold separately and can be purchased at that station. The gems that are found in your bag are yours to KEEP! Each bag is different so you never know what you will find.

Fossil Dig

Come dig for unique fossils in our Fossil Dig. This activity is included with your admission and you can KEEP what you find!

Hay Ride

Jump Pad

Is it a true Farm visit without a Hay Ride? This is a relaxing little ride that circles a part of the farm and can be enjoyed by all.

If nothing else exhausts the kiddos, the HUGE Jump Pad will do the trick! We have even caught adults joining in on the fun.

Duck Races

Grab a friend and head to the Duck Races! This activity is fun for all ages even the little ones!

Trolley Swing

Swoop through the air on our Trolley Swing. This swing goes from one side to another and you are close to the ground.

Sand Mountain

SAND MOUNTAIN!! This mountain is filled with dump trucks, shovels, and so much more for the children to build and be creative on.

Rat Races

RAT RACES! This activity is fun for a good ole race or just to practice hand and eye coordination.

Ropes Course

Our Ropes Course is a new addition to the Farm. It helps with coordination, balancing, memory and problem solving. So while having fun you can also add enrichment's to the day.

The Chicken Hut

Tire Bounce

Come get your bounce on!!! The Tire Bounce will entertain the little ones all day long.

Spider Web

Our Spider Webb is close to the ground and a fun activity for all to climb on.

Barrel Train

Although the Barrel Train is not a "Thrill Ride" it is so much fun for kids and adults. Barrels seat two and have seat belts in them for everyone's safety.

Rope Maze

Time yourself start to finish in our Rope Maze. Don't go under it, Don't go over it, but go through the challenge and see if you can complete it!

New to the farm this Fall you can come and enjoy a fun hands on experience with chickens.

While out at the farm check out our new MEGA SLIDE!

Chicken are the new hit things and have become the new "Mans Best Friend." You can get up close and personal with them in our Chicken Handling Encounter. **ADDITIONAL $3 FOR THIS ACTIVITY**


Chicken Encounter

Birds Nest Carousel

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