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Berry Picking 

Here at Blessington Farms we have had to make a really hard decision about continuing with our strawberry patch. Collectively as a team, we have made the decision we will be shutting them down and no longer be growing strawberries. We know many are sadden about this news but we do still have berries to pick! 

  Blueberry and blackberry picking is seasonal and so much fun for the whole family! We have around 3000 blueberry bushes and 375 blackberry plants out at the farm. Blueberry picking typically starts in April and will go through the end of May. Blackberry picking is a shorter season as it starts in May and typically ends by the end of the month. 

  • NO admission required for berry picking only

  • You pay for what you pick

  • Guest will be required to purchase one of our buskets for berry picking, guest can use them on their next berry picking adventure out at the farm, 

  • We can NOT foresee our supply of fruit during the season so it is recommended you come early to pick.

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